• Holy Week Schedule
      Wednesday: 7:00 pm Mass at Immaculate Conception Church followed by the                                    Tenebrae Service

      Holy Thursday: 6:00 pm Mass in English at IC Church (Adoration in Mattie Hall)
                             7:00 pm Mass in Vietnamese at OLPH (Adoration in Hensen Hall)
                             7:30 pm Mass in Spanish at IC (Adoration to follow in Mattie Hall)

      Good Friday: 11:00 am IC/OLPH School Passion Play at IC Church
                           2:30 pm Stations of the Cross in Spanish at IC
                           2:30 pm Stations of the Cross in English at OLPH
                           6:00 pm Good Friday Service in English at IC
                           7:00 pm Good Friday Service in Vietnamese at OLPH
                           7:30 pm Good Friday Service in Spanish at IC

      Holy Saturday Easter Vigils
                             7:45 pm Bilingual Mass in English and Spanish at IC
                             7:45 pm Mass in Vietnamese at OLPH

      Easter Sunday Masses
                   Regular Mass schedule but no 5:00pm Mass on Sunday evening at IC
    • Pope Francis

      "A Christian who withdraws into himself, hiding all that the Lord has given him, is not a Christian! I would ask the many young people present to be generous with their God-given talents for the good of others, the Church and our world." - Pope Francis

      "Difficulties and trials are part of the path that leads to God's glory. Therefore we must not be discouraged! We have the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome these trials!" 
      - Pope Francis (April 29, 2013)


      The Christian proclaims the Gospel with his witness, rather than with words." 
      -Pope Francis (April 25, 2013)


      “For a Christian, the works of service and charity are never detached from the principle source of our action: that is, listening to the Word of the Lord, sitting – like Mary – at Jesus’ feet in the attitude of a disciple. And for this reason Mary is rebuked.” the Pope said.
      “In our Christian life too prayer and action are always profoundly united. Prayer that does not lead to concrete action toward a brother who is poor, sick, in need of help, the brother in difficulty, is a sterile and incomplete prayer. But, in the same way, when in ecclesial service we are only concerned with doing, we give greater weight to things, functions, structures, and we forget the centrality of Christ; we do not set aside time for dialogue with him in prayer, we are in risk of serving ourselves and not God present in our needy brother.”
    • Religious Education

      Religious Education is serving 140 families this year. We are so excited to share our faith with the children in our parish.  This year, we collected items for Pregnancy Aid. Thank you to everyone that supported this service project!

      If you have any questions, please email Beth at rosales@ic-olph.org or call the Parish Office (425-349-7014)